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Wizdog Starter Kit

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Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty Starter Kit

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Everything you need to get your dog set up!

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Wizdog Dog Potty
  • (1) WizPads - 50 Pack
  • (1) WizOff Enzyme Solution - Dog Stain and Odor Remover 16oz bottle w/ spray nozzle

Wizdog consists of an industrial grade polyethylene plastic tray and a fitted honeycomb grate. The Wizdog measures 21" X 28" with an elimination space of 15.5" X 23.5" and was specifically designed to fit most daily newspapers (you can also use the store bought pee pads). The paper remains under the grate, preventing your dog or puppy from shredding it.

Liquid waste is channeled through the grate to the bottom of the tray, preventing paws from coming in contact with the urine. Solid waste is disposed of by simply lifting and flipping the grate. The grate is only 3/8" deep and is easy to clean.

Unlike a dog litter box, Wizdog is a simple and inexpensive product that does not require the purchase of litter refill. Wizdog can be used as is, or can fit either newspaper or training pads to absorb the urine.

The Wizdog tray has a smooth glossy finish for easy cleanup.

Each Wizdog weighs approximately 3 lbs. Each grid cell measures approx 5/8" square and 1/2" deep.

For dogs over 40 lbs, 2 Wizdog trays can be combined to accommodate for a larger surface area.


Additional Information

Dimensions 21" x 28" x 2"
Manufacturer Wizdog


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