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Wizdog Dog Training Digest

Wizdog Dog Training Digest eBook

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$ 29.95
$ 29.95

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The most important tips and techniques of top trainers and vets in U.S. condensed into one book. Included FREE with every Wizdog Dog Potty purchase!

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You will have immediate access to your training digest as a PDF download!

Our Dog Training Digest is available for FREE with your Wizdog Dog Potty purchase!

The most important tips and techniques of top trainers and vets in U.S. condensed into one e-book.

  1. Choosing - 10 critical considerations that will determine your lifestyle for the next 10 years. WARNING! Don’t choose a puppy until you read this.
  2. Preparing - 10 “must knows” to prepare for your new arrival.
  3. House training - 10 easy house training tips that can save you incredible time, energy and money.
  4. Health - 10 vital health tips that can save your dog’s life and insure comfort and vitality.
  5. Diet and Nutrition - 10 fundamental tips to optimizing your dog’s vitality and longevity.
  6. Good Behavior - 10 proven training tips to control barking to jumping on guests.
  7. Canine Industry - 10 best resources for everything you ever need to know to protect and care for your dog.
  8. Products - 10 essential products to support the happiness, well being and good behavior of your dog and comfort and convenience for you.
  9. Tricks - 10 amazing tricks you can teach your dog to impress and entertain your friends.

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