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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Wizdog is a lifesaver for us. It works great with our Maltese puppy. We got him when he was 8 weeks old. After 2 days, he uses it faithfully. He is now 16 weeks old and he is faithful to it. Even on vacation and riding in the SUV. Truly a great invention. Easy to clean. Thanks again"

Mildred and Terry, Kingsport, TN

I have two Australian Terriers who sometimes don’t want to go out in the rain (neither do I) … Wizdog is a Godsend.

Susan M., Fort Walton Beach, FL

I was looking for one of these!!! Thanks! This is exactly what I needed and have looked for but never found in the stores.

Michele G., San Carlos, CA

The veterinarian said I should keep my puppy indoors for the first 6 months until her vaccination schedule was completed. I dont know how I would have done it without Wizdog! Thank you.

Anna B. Paris, France

My puppy used to shred the newspapers and training pads. With Wizdog, the newspapers stay under the grate and he cant reach them. Problem solved. Thank you.

Matthew M. Los Angeles, CA

I just want to tell you that your dog toilet is very clever… I think that this concept is so revolutionary.

Lynne H., Dana Point, CA

WONDERFUL product, my girls used it with no problem and I have Dachsies, THANKS!

Nancy H., N. Kingstown, RI

Wow! what a sensational product! I am absolutely thrilled with Spot’s new Wizdog! The first time he went right to it and did his business. Cleanup is a breeze. Spot and I thank you for such an innovative product!!!

Aziza P., Toledo, OH

I purchased the Wizdog for my eight-week-old Shih Tzu puppy. I was getting tired of mopping my floors. It only took her one time before she figured it out. This product is wonderful. I just love how clean it keeps my house and how easy it is for my puppy. I am a very satisfied customer.

Shantel Marie, Tucson, AZ

I received my Wizdog and cannot tell you how pleased “Lucy” (my 4 month old Yorkie pup) and I are. She has clean feet and I have a clean floor. She took to it immediately. I was amazed!! Thanks. Great invention!

Carol P., Norwalk, CT

What a great idea!! I am a bully breeder and Wizdog is just remarkable. Thanks.

Liz C., Ontario, Canada

I love this product!

Beverly A., Los Angeles, CA

A wonderful product

Linda B., Winchester, ID

Very cool product!

Heather D., Edison, NJ

YEAH! Thank you for this great product

Laurie S., Galveston, TX

Cool product for Yoda my little pug & even better for me. Easier cleanup.

Bethany B., Gretna, LA

Brilliant. Simply brilliant! Saves me $600 a month on dog walkers. Thanks.

Philip L., New York, NY

You were absolutely right. I LOVE my Wizdog…and so does Beemer. If you like, I could even send you a couple of pics.”

Michele M, Canada

Before I got my puppy, I researched different house training methods and saw your product online. I purchased a Wizdog for him and started using it when he arrived at 9 wks of age … and he just made 2. He took to it right away. Your product works so well that I proudly share with others my joy of having such a well trained puppy that goes only on his Wizdog. I’ve even print info off your site to show them what I’m talking about :) THANK YOU for such a GREAT product!!!

Karen, Hawaii

I was looking online for some helpful tips on house training my new pug puppy when I came across the Wizdog website. I am not looking forward to standing out in the bitter cold this winter waiting for Gigi to “do her thing”. I have been training her to use puppy pads in the house when I am not able to take her outside. She is doing good, but she messes the pad up and walks on the dirty pad and I thought to myself that there has to be a better way. That’s when I saw your website. It sounds perfect and I can’t believe that the Wizdog was not invented sooner. I am hoping that the Wizdog will meet all my expectations and I can’t wait to start training Gigi to use it. I ordered two of them so we can have one at home and one at the office since we take her to work with us every day.

Mary O., Michigan

I am not in the habit of writing companies, but I just had to write to you. I am a Shih Tzu breeder and at the beginning of the year I bought a Wizdog for my new puppies. This is my third litter that is using the Wizdog and I just can’t believe how it works like magic. I use one sheet of scented paper, and they are hooked. Little puppies, 4 weeks old are using this like a bathroom, since mama wants more time to herself. No more messy bedding to clean up and change. All the mess in in or on the Wizdog. What a work saver this has been for me. What a great invention.

W. Conrad, Pennsylvania

You guys are awesome!!

Michelle D, Irvine CA

I love your product! I’ve trained my puppies in less than 2 weeks! They just don’t miss. I’ve told all kinds of people about your product, so if your sales sharply incline- it’s because of me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve ordered a second one! Your biggest fan

Mary Brown

All Hail the Wizdog! When researching the whole litter box training dogs deal, I came across the Wizdog. Since we set it up this weekend, Harper and Reilly have used it multiple times. Yes, Harper used the Wizdog on her own for pee AND poop. Hallelujah! This is cleaner, cheaper, much more stylish, and both dogs will actually use it. I can’t believe I ever doubted you, O Mighty Wizdog.


Hey, I got my shipment. It is great! I no longer have a problem leaving my dog alone only to come home to papers ripped to shreds. There was also no transition problem, she used it immediately. Thanks for getting it to me so fast. I appreciate all your help. I will tell everyone about Wizdog.


I must tell you that when I purchased this product I was a nonbeliever. I knew that it was not going to work - that my Bichon was going to ignore it completely since he was over a year old and accustomed to going outside. I had tried to train him on wee wee wee pads and he only bit them to pieces. Sometimes he would have accidents on the area rugs in the house. Well, I am happy to report that after about two weeks we were both hooked. Amazingly, I do not have to brave the winter cold anymore or spend more money on rug cleaning products! Thank you so very much from Snowball’s Mom!

Susan RolonNelson