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  • The Many Uses of The Wizdog Indoor Potty & The Wizdog Premium Artificial Turf Mat

    From our premium artificial turf mats to our Wizdog Starter Kits, our customers are using these Wizdog products in more way than one. Here are some of the most common uses these great products.

    Senior dogs-Older dogs who can't make it to the backyard in time. Our potties can help ease the trouble of incontinence issues by giving them a comfortable area to us the bathroom indoors or next to there living area.

    Special needs-Dogs who have been injured or out of surgery. Our potties and mats can be used to assist recovery of injured dogs that have mobility problems.

    Bad weather conditions-Weather you live on the rockies or the big city taking the puppy outside to use the bathroom can be tricky in bad weather situations Too cold or too hot, rain or snow, having the Wizdog Indoor potty in case of emergencies gives you peace of mind.

    Potty Training- Using the Indoor Potty or our Premium Turf Mat can help aide potty training with new and old dogs.

    Apartments & Condos- Housebreaking puppies can now be done in apartments with no outside access.

    Long days at the office or day trips-We all know there are days you are stuck at the office longer than you want.  Feel more at ease knowing your dog has a safe place to go when needed.

    Environmental allergies-Dogs with sensitivities can have problems using the bathroom outside  on grass or dirt.  Our Wizdog Turf can help alleviate some of those irritations caused by grass or pollen.

    Training questions? Contact us today and talk to a certified dog trainer.

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