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  • Introducing Your Dog to a New Pet | Animal Behavior College

    Taking it slow and easy is the best way to acclimate your dog to a new pet

    Source: Introducing Your Dog to a New Pet | Animal Behavior College

  • Here Comes The Fun For The Holidays!

    Wizdog Chew Toys Are Here.


    Wizdog pop culture chew toys are available today and make great holiday gifts!

    With 4 popular characters; The Joker, George Jetson, Fred Flintstone, and the Mystery Machine make play time exciting and engaging. Each toy comes with a interactive features like squeaks and crinkles. Click Here to order yours today or go to

  • 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean - American Kennel Club

    When it comes to keeping our dogs healthy, many owners overlook the importance of oral hygiene. It’s estimated that most dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the time they're 3 years old.

    Source: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog's Teeth Clean - American Kennel Club

  • The New Wizdog Potty with Turf

    You spoke and we listened!

    Introducing The Wizdog Potty with turf, our newest design gives dogs the feel of real grass with a 100% nylon free artificial turf.


    The fitted pad has a soft 1" height that is ideal for dogs with smaller paws. The turfs dimensions are 15.5" X 23.5"



    To keep the mat in place we attached industrial strength 3M Velcro to the backing and adhered another piece to the tray.  This prevents the dog from pulling the turf out of the tray and creating a big mess.


    Our pet inspired turf has a permeable backing that allows the urine to flow right through the turf down to the tray for easy clean up. You can also place our Wizpads under the turf for better absorption. (blog with instruction will follow)




    The new Wizdog Potty with Turf today by clicking HERE, and if you already have a Wizdog Potty you can now purchase Replacement Turf for only $14.95! Click HERE.


    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact Thank you for choosing Wizdog make sure you like us on Facebook, and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways.

  • Holiday Guide


    The holidays are a busy time for all of us, and sometimes our dogs don't get the attention they need.  Here are some tips and tricks to keep your dog included and well-behaved during the holidays.

    Your dog is part of the family, and whether you are entertaining guests or enjoying the holidays at a loved one's house, your dog needs to be on its best behavior.

    As a trainer, one of the most common questions I get is, “how do I stop my dog from jumping on my guests?” Correcting this behavior starts with you. You can't allow the dog to jump on you and expect it NOT to jump on everyone else.  You encourage the jumping behavior, so by not allowing him to jump on you and telling your guests to only pet him when his paws are on the floor, you are deterring the bad jumping behavior and rewarding him for the good behavior.  This behavior is never corrected immediately so be patient and stay consistent!

    We all know the holidays mean a abundance of delicious food dishes, but what about our dogs? What delicious do they get around the holidays? Here are some holiday foods that are safe for dogs.

    1. Sweet potatoes
    2. Fresh green beans
    3. Corn
    4. Pumpkin(NO SEEDS)
    5. Fully cooked deboned skinless turkey meat

    These foods are commonly found in their existing diet and are safe to feed your dog, IN MODERATION, and with plenty of water.  There is also an abundance of homemade dog treat recipes you could find online that use holiday leftovers.

    **A tip from a trainer**
    If you plan to give your dog any of the above foods make sure to make them work for it. Even during the holidays there are no free lunches! This means a dog should be on its best behavior when given holiday treats and foods.  Do not give an overly obnoxious dog a piece of turkey if he is jumping on family members.  This behavior should not be rewarded with food. Instead, ask him to sit or lay down and stay on his mat while everybody eats, then give him a piece after dinner.  This ensures two things- one, he is not begging at the feet of your guests snooping for scraps that might fall.  Two, it reinforces his down/stay by giving him a reward while he stays on his mat.

    The holidays can also present many dangers to your dog. Knowing these dangers can help you
    sail through the holiday season without a trip to the vet.

    1. We all know Chocolate can be harmful for pets, but there is also an artificial sweetener called xylitol, which is used in sugar-free baked goods, that can be deadly to your pets.
    2. Yeast dough is another harmful holiday food that can lead to painful gas, and dangerous bloat.
    3. Turkey bones pose a choking hazard so make sure you secure turkey bones in the trash away from easy access by you dog.

    Some holiday plants can also be a danger to your dog. Here are some plants to keep an eye on:
    1. Mistletoe, and Holly.
    2. Christmas trees.
    3. Lilies and Daffodils.
    You can find the full list of toxic plants here.

    Quick action is vital to the safety of your dog. If you believe they might be poisoned or have gotten into something poisonous contact you Vet immediately.

    **Side note- I have had a wonderful experience in a very trying time with the ASPCA poison control when my own dog ingested a potentially poisonous substance.  They were very helpful, and calmly guided me through the necessary steps. They have a 24 hour 365 day hotline you can call (888) 426-4435**

    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact Thank you for choosing Wizdog make sure you like us on Facebook, and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways.




    Step 1: Submit your SPOOKY dog picture in their costume to

    Step 2: Like Wizdog’s Instagram and Facebook account.

    We will post all entries to our Facebook.

    The winner will be announced on 10/31/16

    The winner will receive one free Wizdog Flower Dog Bed in the color of their choice!

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  • Surviving Halloween



    Halloween can be a stressful experience for your four legged friends and it's up to you to keep them safe from the monsters. Whether you plan on staying in to greet trick-or-treaters, or join them on their mischievous quest for a sugar rush, brushing up on some good manners and safeguarding your pet will help you navigate a spook-filled night.

    Dog training is a lifelong process so it's a good idea to refresh your dog on commands that will prepare them for the upcoming holiday season. Halloween, for example, comes with 3 major training situations.

    1. Doorbells- Most dogs are reactive to the doorbell. Whether it's out of excitement, fear, or aggression, almost every house pet reacts to the sound of a doorbell.  Working on calm behaviors like sit or lay down while ringing a doorbell can help reduce the reactiveness of your dog.  This method desensitizes them to the doorbell sounds. So when they hear it, they will stay calm in their sit or down position, since they'll understand that's the most rewarding behavior.

    2. Leave it-  As a trainer I stress the importance of a strong leave it.  This command can save a dog's life. With a plethora of halloween treats that may fall on the floor, there is potential for  disaster.  By teaching leave it you can have faith that your dog won't pick up everything that hits the floor. Also, reminding kids that treats are for humans, not for dogs, will ensure your dog doesn't eat anything they are not suppose to.

    3. Boundary control-With the door opening every 5 mins there becomes a huge opportunity for your dog to bolt out the door. Safeguarding the area around your dog can help you both enjoy the halloween festivities. Placing your dog in a kennel or crate with a comfy Wizdog flower bed and their favorite chew toy can help them relax while you pass out candy.  If you want to show off their halloween costume make sure you leash and secure them to your person or a strong post. Always remember to check up on them and make sure they have extra water available.

    Don’t wait to start training, get a head start, work as a team and get the whole family involved. Halloween can be a frightful time for your animal, but with the right training and patience, you and your pooch will put all fears to rest.


    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact

    Make sure you like us on Facebook and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways!

  • Wizdog Releases New Flower Dog Bed

    Wizdog Flower Dog Bed Wizdog Flower Dog Bed has released a revolutionary new dog bed, available online at The Wizdog Flower Dog Bed is made with premium materials including soft polyurethane foam on the inside and ultra soft plush polyester fabric on the outside. The design is unique with intricate details forming the appearance of a giant flower.  The ultra comfortable and durable dog bed comes in three bright colors; yellow, pink, & turquoise. The flower dog bed can be machine washed and also folds up easily for storage and or travel.  The Wizdog flower dog bed was designed for small breeds such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, many Terrier breeds, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Yorkies and any many other miniature breed toy dogs.  The ideal size would be under 35lbs for any dog to comfortably use the Flower Dog bed.

    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact

  • Indoor Potty Training Guide For Dogs

    Indoor Potty Training


    For Senior citizens, mobility-impaired people, or people who live in high-rise apartment buildings, taking your dog or puppy out for a walk is not always an easy option. Sometimes you are not in control of your schedule and can be late for the evening walk. Or sometimes you may want to sleep in for an extra 45 minutes. Regardless of the reason, you want to give your dog the option to choose, so you do not have to worry about it all the time. Thus indoor training requires you to teach your dog or puppy to eliminate in a particular location inside your home. The Wizdog TM Indoor Potty is the only product that truly addresses all issues of sanitary housetraining, including wet paws and tracking. Wizdog TM also happens to be the cheapest and cleanest solution as well. Recently dog litter products have appeared in pet stores at exorbitant cost and effort. Litter refill is expensive, bulky and not practical to store or restock. Some consumers have reported dogs eating the litter pellets. Further, dogs tend to kick after eliminating, making litter a potentially very messy option.  Another popular alternative is fake grass dog potty solutions, these have become popular recently.  The challenge with these is the smell becomes unbearable after only a few uses and it is challenge to keep them clean and sanitary.  The location of the Wizdog TM Indoor Potty must be carefully selected. It has to be inside the confined or gated area, but as far away from the feeding and bedding areas as possible. The capture of a few drops of urine on a paper towel to place inside the Wizdog TM will indicate to your puppy that you want him to eliminate in that particular location. Your dog or puppy may miss the house training area during the first few sessions. This is normal, and despite the mess left behind, you should give lots of praise while placing him on the Wizdog TM. It is important that your dog or puppy associates the potty with the act of elimination, and not an act of misbehavior. Always leave a small amount of urine-scented paper towel on the tray until the training is complete. If you catch your dog or puppy in the act or if you see him sniff around nervously, immediately grab his attention and place him on the Indoor Potty while giving lots of praise. Never use punishment as it would confuse and delay the training process. Remember that puppies do not have full control until they are about 10 weeks old. Pay particular attention when they wake up from their nap, after vigorous exercise, and within the 30 minutes after eating and/or drinking. Don’t let him out of his gated area unless you can watch him every single second. In case of an ―accident only get angry at yourself for giving him a chance at committing an accident.

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