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5 Reasons Why Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf Is Perfect For Your Yard

Landscaping options suddenly take on new meaning once you have a pet in your life. While natural grass was once just fine, having a new dog at home has left it tattered by digging and urine marks. Fortunately, you do not have to give up on having a gorgeous landscape just because you have a pet. Artificial turf is an affordable option for increasing the eye appeal of your home while ensuring the safety of your pet. In addition to beautifying your outdoor surroundings, choosing synthetic blades for your landscaping needs gives you and your pet these exciting benefits.

Reduce Negative Behaviors

Those annoying new puppy behaviors can destroy a lawn within a matter of days, and some dogs never quite get over behaviors such as digging. Natural grass creates the perfect temptation for digging since the ground is soft, and dogs that go too deep can dig out from beneath the fence and get loose. Pet-friendly turf has just enough cushioning to keep your dog comfortable, but they will not be able to dig beneath the blades. This makes it perfect for resolving the issues that even training has not been able to tackle.

Enjoy a Family-Friendly Play Surface

Artificial grass is not only pet-friendly, but it also gives young children and elderly adults a safer place to spend time with their favorite animals. This is because it eliminates hazards such as sharp rocks that could cause them to fall and get injured. The soft cushioning beneath the synthetic grass also creates a safer fall zone around swing sets and other playground equipment that you might have in your yard.

Eliminate Pests and Allergens

The spring and summer months are a common time when pet owners finally decide to make the switch to artificial grass. This is because fleas and ticks love living in natural grass, and keeping the pests down in your yard becomes an impossible task once you have a dog spending time outside. People and dogs are also susceptible to allergens from natural grass. All of these springtime ailments can be fixed in one big swoop by installing artificial turf that do not harbor pollen and fleas.

Protect Your Pet from Toxins

Keeping a lush, green yard requires the application of fertilizers and pesticides that are not good for anyone, and your pet’s small body makes them even more susceptible to being harmed by the chemicals. Since no one wants to restrict keeping their dog indoors for hours to days just because their yard was treated, artificial grass saves everyone from this headache. You will also no longer have to worry about your pet being inadvertently poisoned by fertilizer run-off or a container left open by accident.

Have Fun Playing Instead of Mowing

Now that you have a pet, there are so many better ways to spend your time than on landscaping maintenance. After your artificial turf is installed, you will no longer have to do much more than hose it down periodically to clean away any dirt and/or pet urine. If you do need to clean pet urine, you also have the option of using Artificial Turf Cleaner Fresh Pet, a Wizdog original product. Less landscape maintenance means that you can turn those hours you once spent mowing into time that you can play fetch, take a leisurely stroll or just snuggle with your pup as you enjoy your maintenance-free landscape.

Having a pet sometimes means having to make sacrifices, but you do not have to give up on having a beautiful yard. By understanding your options and why a pet-friendly turf is ideal, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by having a beautiful lawn and more time to enjoy playing with your pet.


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