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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Wizdog Releases New Flower Dog Bed

    Wizdog Flower Dog Bed Wizdog Flower Dog Bed has released a revolutionary new dog bed, available online at The Wizdog Flower Dog Bed is made with premium materials including soft polyurethane foam on the inside and ultra soft plush polyester fabric on the outside. The design is unique with intricate details forming the appearance of a giant flower.  The ultra comfortable and durable dog bed comes in three bright colors; yellow, pink, & turquoise. The flower dog bed can be machine washed and also folds up easily for storage and or travel.  The Wizdog flower dog bed was designed for small breeds such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, many Terrier breeds, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Yorkies and any many other miniature breed toy dogs.  The ideal size would be under 35lbs for any dog to comfortably use the Flower Dog bed.

    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact

  • Indoor Potty Training Guide For Dogs

    Indoor Potty Training


    For Senior citizens, mobility-impaired people, or people who live in high-rise apartment buildings, taking your dog or puppy out for a walk is not always an easy option. Sometimes you are not in control of your schedule and can be late for the evening walk. Or sometimes you may want to sleep in for an extra 45 minutes. Regardless of the reason, you want to give your dog the option to choose, so you do not have to worry about it all the time. Thus indoor training requires you to teach your dog or puppy to eliminate in a particular location inside your home. The Wizdog TM Indoor Potty is the only product that truly addresses all issues of sanitary housetraining, including wet paws and tracking. Wizdog TM also happens to be the cheapest and cleanest solution as well. Recently dog litter products have appeared in pet stores at exorbitant cost and effort. Litter refill is expensive, bulky and not practical to store or restock. Some consumers have reported dogs eating the litter pellets. Further, dogs tend to kick after eliminating, making litter a potentially very messy option.  Another popular alternative is fake grass dog potty solutions, these have become popular recently.  The challenge with these is the smell becomes unbearable after only a few uses and it is challenge to keep them clean and sanitary.  The location of the Wizdog TM Indoor Potty must be carefully selected. It has to be inside the confined or gated area, but as far away from the feeding and bedding areas as possible. The capture of a few drops of urine on a paper towel to place inside the Wizdog TM will indicate to your puppy that you want him to eliminate in that particular location. Your dog or puppy may miss the house training area during the first few sessions. This is normal, and despite the mess left behind, you should give lots of praise while placing him on the Wizdog TM. It is important that your dog or puppy associates the potty with the act of elimination, and not an act of misbehavior. Always leave a small amount of urine-scented paper towel on the tray until the training is complete. If you catch your dog or puppy in the act or if you see him sniff around nervously, immediately grab his attention and place him on the Indoor Potty while giving lots of praise. Never use punishment as it would confuse and delay the training process. Remember that puppies do not have full control until they are about 10 weeks old. Pay particular attention when they wake up from their nap, after vigorous exercise, and within the 30 minutes after eating and/or drinking. Don’t let him out of his gated area unless you can watch him every single second. In case of an ―accident only get angry at yourself for giving him a chance at committing an accident.

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