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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Consistency is key!


    You can teach your dog to do just about anything, the one key is to be consistent.  By doing so you give your dog a strong base to improve from his mistakes. You must start with repetitions. For example if you want to train your dog to sit by the front door when guest arrive you must practice the sit command by the front door.  Practice this until they are 90% efficient with the command.  Once they have it down start to practice sit with the door open.  This adds a slight distraction.  If your dogs proficiency with the sit command decreases close the door and work on the sit command more.  Once your dog has the sit command down with the door open start to add a guest to the doorway, practice the sit command until they are proficient with the command. Give your dog a consistent base with step by step directions and your dog will succeed beyond your expectations.  Set them up to succeed!

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