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  • Hot Dogs: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

    Veterinarian Dr. Jen Deming shares advice on how to identify, prevent and treat heat exhaustion and heat stroke in dogs.

    Source: Hot Dogs: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke in Dogs

  • A Dog Trainers Guide To 4th Of July Safety


    4th of July. A day to celebrate our nation's independence. A day to spend with friends and family. Some of you go camping, plan barbecues, or spend the day at the beach, but no matter the day plans we have, most of us will plan to attend or participate in firework displays. And as entertaining and awesome as fireworks are to us humans, your pets think otherwise.

    A concern that arises every year around this time is pet safety. Every pet professional will preach pet safety around 4 of July. It is an issue that every pet owner should be aware of, but many don't know how to manage their pets fears. This can result in pets running away, getting injured or worse. Animal shelt

    ers across the nation are flooded with dogs and cats the day after 4th of July, that panic from fireworks. As a pet professional I find a lot of problems people face with 4th of July can be fix with simple training and animal management. Knowing your pets tendencies,and predicting their reactions by evaluating behaviors can make the day fun for everyone, including your furry friends.

    Here are my tips to 4th of July safety.

    1. Training:

    Training your dog can accomplish two things. The obvious is a well behaved dog, but training also improves the relationship between the human and the dog. The stronger connection you have with your furry friend the more sense of “home” and the feel of being safe the dog will have. When you show a dog a st

    rong confident leader they get the sense they are in a pack. And when a dog has a sense they are a member of a pack they in turn feel safe. This sense of pack safety can help when an unknown danger arises like fireworks. Instead of running off away from the pack or the confines of the house a dog could very well stand its ground knowing the safest place is with their pack.

    Two of the most common training commands can save a dog's life are "come when called" and "leave it". A strong "come when called

    " can be used when your dog gets loose or spooked from fireworks. "Leave it" is one o

    f my favorite commands to teach because it can be used in many situations. "Leave it" can be used to teach dogs to avoid, forbidden foods, pills, other dogs, and feces. These commands should be practiced on a regular basis, and can come in handy during 4th of July.

    2. Exercise:

    A good dog is a tired dog. Even better is a sleeping dog. Whether you are BBQing at home or going out for the fireworks, giving your dog an extra hard workout before the festivities began will guarantee a smoother firework experience for all. Remember to get to know your dog's fitness level and never over exceed that level. if you are unsure of how much exercise you dog might need consult your Vet.

    3. Puppy proofing:

    Whether a puppy or an adult, puppy proofing is setting up a safe area for a dog so they cannot get into trouble or harms way. This becomes very important during fireworks. I have heard many horror stories of dogs breaking through glass windows and hopping over fences in attempt to flee the fireworks. Protect your dog by making sure he or she are in a secure area. If they are tied up make sure they are wearing a harness and not a slip or pinch collar. If your dog is primarily an outdoor pet please consider bringing them inside for the duration of the night until the fireworks have ended. Turn on the TV or music to drown out the fireworks, and give them something to do like a chew toy.  Keep items like table scraps, glow sticks, and alcohol out of reach as the are all toxic to animals.

    4. Identification

    Make sure your animals are properly ID at all times.  If your dog gets loose it will be much easier to find them when they have a ID tag and microchipped. These methods are cheap and effective.  I recommend updating your information regularly and taking your pet to a Vet of kennel to make sure the microchip is working properly.

    5. Managing your pets anxiety.

    Knowing how your pet may react during fireworks is very helpful. Most of the times, simply petting them will calm them down enough to get them through the night. Small cats and dogs might be better off in their kennels if their anxiety runs high.  If you have a very anxious pet I suggest not leaving them home alone. There is a wide variety of pet anxiety solutions on the market from treats, to pills and even jackets.

    In Summary

    Set your pet up for success, dont assume they can handle it on their own. If you feel your pet will have an issue with the fireworks while your out of town, kennel them for the night.  If you are staying home, bring them inside for the night and make them as comfortable as possible. The safest way your pets can celebrate this holiday is by better preparing them for the festivities..


  • The Best Dog for the Outdoors? The Humble Mutt. | Outside Online

    The best dog for any person, doing any activity, is a mutt. Allow me to explain.

    Source: The Best Dog for the Outdoors? The Humble Mutt. | Outside Online

  • Recommended cleaning methods for the Wizdog Turf.

    Method 1: Using a hose you can spray down the turf. Our premium turf has a 100% permeable backing with no holes so make sure to spray both front and back of turf until fully soaked, air dry before use. We recommend pre treating the turf with a urine cleaner like Wizoff before hosing down.  

    Method 2: With a large wash bin or tub soak the turf in warm to hot water. We recommend pre treating the turf with a urine cleaner like Wizoff before soaking. Let turf soak for 10-20 minutes.

    The tray can be wiped off with a wet wipe and a mild disinfectant. If you have multiple dogs using the same potty we recommend washing the potty weekly, and replacing the grate or turf every six months.
    We advise not using harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach when cleaning turf.

  • 5 Reasons Why Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf Is Perfect For Your Yard

    Landscaping options suddenly take on new meaning once you have a pet in your life. While natural grass was once just fine, having a new dog at home has left it tattered by digging and urine marks. Fortunately, you do not have to give up on having a gorgeous landscape just because you have a pet. Artificial turf is an affordable option for increasing the eye appeal of your home while ensuring the safety of your pet. In addition to beautifying your outdoor surroundings, choosing synthetic blades for your landscaping needs gives you and your pet these exciting benefits.

    Reduce Negative Behaviors

    Those annoying new puppy behaviors can destroy a lawn within a matter of days, and some dogs never quite get over behaviors such as digging. Natural grass creates the perfect temptation for digging since the ground is soft, and dogs that go too deep can dig out from beneath the fence and get loose. Pet-friendly turf has just enough cushioning to keep your dog comfortable, but they will not be able to dig beneath the blades. This makes it perfect for resolving the issues that even training has not been able to tackle.

    Enjoy a Family-Friendly Play Surface

    Artificial grass is not only pet-friendly, but it also gives young children and elderly adults a safer place to spend time with their favorite animals. This is because it eliminates hazards such as sharp rocks that could cause them to fall and get injured. The soft cushioning beneath the synthetic grass also creates a safer fall zone around swing sets and other playground equipment that you might have in your yard.

    Eliminate Pests and Allergens

    The spring and summer months are a common time when pet owners finally decide to make the switch to artificial grass. This is because fleas and ticks love living in natural grass, and keeping the pests down in your yard becomes an impossible task once you have a dog spending time outside. People and dogs are also susceptible to allergens from natural grass. All of these springtime ailments can be fixed in one big swoop by installing artificial turf that do not harbor pollen and fleas.

    Protect Your Pet from Toxins

    Keeping a lush, green yard requires the application of fertilizers and pesticides that are not good for anyone, and your pet’s small body makes them even more susceptible to being harmed by the chemicals. Since no one wants to restrict keeping their dog indoors for hours to days just because their yard was treated, artificial grass saves everyone from this headache. You will also no longer have to worry about your pet being inadvertently poisoned by fertilizer run-off or a container left open by accident.

    Have Fun Playing Instead of Mowing

    Now that you have a pet, there are so many better ways to spend your time than on landscaping maintenance. After your artificial turf is installed, you will no longer have to do much more than hose it down periodically to clean away any dirt and/or pet urine. If you do need to clean pet urine, you also have the option of using Artificial Turf Cleaner Fresh Pet, a Wizdog original product. Less landscape maintenance means that you can turn those hours you once spent mowing into time that you can play fetch, take a leisurely stroll or just snuggle with your pup as you enjoy your maintenance-free landscape.

    Having a pet sometimes means having to make sacrifices, but you do not have to give up on having a beautiful yard. By understanding your options and why a pet-friendly turf is ideal, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by having a beautiful lawn and more time to enjoy playing with your pet.


    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries, please contact Thank you for choosing Wizdog make sure you like us on Facebook, and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways.

  • The Many Uses of The Wizdog Indoor Potty & The Wizdog Premium Artificial Turf Mat

    From our premium artificial turf mats to our Wizdog Starter Kits, our customers are using these Wizdog products in more way than one. Here are some of the most common uses these great products.

    Senior dogs-Older dogs who can't make it to the backyard in time. Our potties can help ease the trouble of incontinence issues by giving them a comfortable area to us the bathroom indoors or next to there living area.

    Special needs-Dogs who have been injured or out of surgery. Our potties and mats can be used to assist recovery of injured dogs that have mobility problems.

    Bad weather conditions-Weather you live on the rockies or the big city taking the puppy outside to use the bathroom can be tricky in bad weather situations Too cold or too hot, rain or snow, having the Wizdog Indoor potty in case of emergencies gives you peace of mind.

    Potty Training- Using the Indoor Potty or our Premium Turf Mat can help aide potty training with new and old dogs.

    Apartments & Condos- Housebreaking puppies can now be done in apartments with no outside access.

    Long days at the office or day trips-We all know there are days you are stuck at the office longer than you want.  Feel more at ease knowing your dog has a safe place to go when needed.

    Environmental allergies-Dogs with sensitivities can have problems using the bathroom outside  on grass or dirt.  Our Wizdog Turf can help alleviate some of those irritations caused by grass or pollen.

    Training questions? Contact us today and talk to a certified dog trainer.

    Find all these great products and many more on our website.


    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries, please contact Thank you for choosing Wizdog make sure you like us on Facebook, and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways.


  • Introducing A New Dog Into your Home

    Bringing home a new dog is an exciting time but introducing a dog into your home can be fumbled if not well thought out. From puppies to rescues I will go over a plan for success to make sure introducing a new dog into your home goes as smooth as possible.


    Before you get a dog you need to make sure you have the all necessary supplies that your new friend will need. Supplies include: a leash, collar, food and water bowls, age appropriate toys, a dog door or fence, training treats, and ID tags.

    Also, a main supply to highlight is your pups food option. This is getting a little extra attention because picking a healthy food is key to a happy and healthy dog that will live a long and prosperous life. The best advice I can give is to read the ingredient list. I always reference for extra help. You can also read an previous blog I have posted titled "Best dog food reviews and ratings 2017" You dont have to do much research to find a healthy food.

    Wizdog offers Starter Kits which include (1) Wizdog Indoor Potty, (1) 16oz bottle of Wizoff, (1) 50pk of Wizpads, and the Wizdog Training digest eBook.

    Puppy Proofing

    Puppy proofing is setting up your dog's environment in a way that will help keep them safe and out of trouble. This is done by removing anything valuable from ground level or barricading it out of the reach out of the dog. This includes wires to electronics, keep sake items, poisons or cleaning products, and food. Remember, a dog investigates with its mouth, so you cant fault the dog for chewing on your favorite headphones that you left on your bedroom floor (I know from personal experience). You also need to take into account the size of the dog. Items on the coffee table might be out of harms way for a pug but for a german shepherd, thats easy pickings.

    The First Day

    You've finally made it to this moment- Bringing your new dog home! A common mistake with new dog ownership is allowing the dog to roam completely free in its new home. While you dont need to confine him or her to a jail cell, there is a better way and I'm here to walk you through it.

    Entering the home- While leashed, ask the dog to calmly sit before entering the threshold of the home. Puppies will probably not know the command of sit so you wont need to worry about the first step. Just make sure the puppy is calm before entering. Once inside, walk the leashed dog around the areas of the house, making sure they stay calm, closing off rooms that you dont want the dog in. This process shows the dog that there are boundaries. Once you have escorted your new dog around the home and they are calm you can let them off the leash while you closely monitor them. Let them explore by guiding them through their new living area.

    A new dog should never have complete freedom to roam the house. You will want to restrict them to a side or portion of the house with access to fresh water. Giving a dog freedom to roam gives them too many opportunities to get into trouble. It may also give them the sense of kingdomship. I use this term to describe a behavior where a dog believes they are "king" of his territory and he must protect it from anyone, or thing that threatens it. This can become a major problem, so I always suggest limiting a dogs ability to roam without supervision. They must gain access to freedom around the house with good behavior.

    A dog should always have a safe place, weather its a kennel, pad, or bed(the Wizdog Flower Bed is a great option) This is a stress free area where a dog can rest and feel comfortably safe. For more anxious dogs I recommend keeping the area in a consistent area.  Dogs are naturally den animals so pick a spot with secure walls like a corner or next to the couch. Let the dog be while in there safe place do not try to play with them and allow them to relax. You will want to promote calm behavior while in their safe place this will help with training the place command in the future.  It's important that you try not to not wake up or startle a sleeping dog.  If a dog is constantly woken up from at state of rest they can start to get a sense that they can never completely relax which can effect the of the dog.

    The Weeks To Come

    Your new housemate will make a mess, and my advice to you is dont worry, just clean it up. Specially if you plan on leaving them at home while you're at work. Instead set them up for success with an Indoor potty, like the Wizdog Indoor dog potty. This gives them the opportunity to use a "bathroom" instead of your carpet or flooring. DO NOT rub their noses in whatever mess they make, you are only making things worse.


    Toys to keep them occupied.  If you dont want your dog to get bored and get in trouble make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them busy. I call these interactive toys "boredom busters" and they do a great job keeping your dog's mind stimulated and out of trouble. You can see some of these toys in the blog I posted last month.


    Bringing home a new dog is a big deal. No matter how many animals you had in the past, or own at the moment, when introducing a new dog you should have a plan. Puppy proof the living area, guide them through the home, give them a safe place to rest, provide a place to eliminate either access to outside or an indoor dog potty, and supply proper toys.

    For questions about Wizdog products or media inquiries for testing the new Flower Dog bed, please contact Thank you for choosing Wizdog make sure you like us on Facebook, and Instagram for product updates, specials, and giveaways.

  • Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

    Did you know that not every dog has the same tolerance to the cold?

    Source: Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

  • Best Dog Food Reviews and Ratings of 2017 -

    Source: Best Dog Food Reviews and Ratings of 2017 -

  • Holiday Toys For Your Dog

    There are what seems like hundreds of dog toy options out there today, so many it can be hard to make a decision. From tug toys to frisbees here are some of my dogs favorite toys, that make great holiday gifts.

    Kong Wubba


    My dog L.O.V.E.S. this toy! I would consider this his all time favorite toy, and probably mine too because its been able to withstand a constant beating. He has been able to figure out every toy given to him finding every loose seam and weak point of a toy.  But the Kong Wubba is a tank! Plus they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, made out of plush, tough nylon, or designed for the water. Each Wubba has a squeaker in what I would consider the head of the toy plus 4 tail like flaps gives they toy very interactive feature that dogs love.


    Oasis Dog Catcher Frisbee


    By far the best dog inspired frisbee I have ever used. The Oasis Dog Catcher is made out of a light weight plastic that is easy to throw and catch.  No sharp shreds of plastic when your dog bites down on it, ands the large hole in the middle makes it easy for your dog to pick up the frisbee when lying flat on the ground.  The only problem I would say is since it's made out of such a soft plastic, dogs with a strong bite force will puncture the plastic pretty quickly.  Luckily the frisbees design allows it to glide fairly well even with holes punctured in it.


    PetSafe Busy Buddy


    Another one of my dogs favorite toys.  These cute rubber toys are a fun engaging treat dispensing ball, shaped as a hippo, elephant, and a cow. Each toy has a small hole on the top with what PetSafe calls Treat Meter® prongs that allow treats to be dispensed slowly.  Even though they are made from  a softer rubber these toys are very durable.  I advise getting the larger one it makes it harder for your dog to to chomp down on it and bite through it. They are also dish washer safe which is great because if your dog likes it as much as my dog does its going to get pretty slobbery.


    Wizdog Chew Toys


    Wizdog's very own line of Pop culture chew toys. These ultra nostalgic toys are a fun and interactive, suitable for any dog. The 3 plush toys; The Joker, Fred Flintstone, and George Jetson have two interactive features with a squeaker in the head and a crinkle in the body. The Mystery Machine is made out of a durable nylon with one squeaker inside.  The thin stitch lines prevent dogs for chewing them open.



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