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About Us

Wizdog was created to solve a problem. The founder and inventor of the Wizdog was living in a small apartment in Manhattan, New York and was constantly distressed with keeping up with his dog Daisy's potty schedule. When he was held up at the office, he arrived home to shredded pee pads and wet paw tracks and other "accidents" throughout the house.

Being a crafty problem solver he invented a plastic tray that was the exact size of the Wall Street Journal (a bit of an inside joke, but it also happens to be the largest daily newspaper by dimensions), and a grate that would keep Daisy's paws from coming into contact with her liquid waste. The solution worked splendidly for him and for Daisy. The apartment was now squeaky clean, and so was Daisy.

The inventor's solution soon became the envy of his dog-owner friends and they started asking where they could buy one for themselves. He filed a patent application and began manufacturing and selling the Wizdog in great quantities through the internet. Three years later, this attracted the attention of product design engineer Brian Pond. Through this new alliance the product was greatly improved, professionally packaged and made ready for national (and now international!) distribution.

Now thousands of homes rave about the convenience and comfort the Wizdog has added to their life... and their doggie's too!