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  • Simple, Clean, Low Cost Solution

    The ORIGINAL dog potty! Easy to use and clean. Great for both puppies and adult dogs.

  • Wizdog Flower Bed

    Ultra plush dog bed designed to be durable and washable.

Revolutionary Dog Litter Box Solution.

The WizDog indoor dog potty is a simple, clean, and a low-cost solution. Our mission is to make dog training, puppy training, and house breaking easy! Finally, no more dog mess in your house! Our dog litter box is easy to clean, and leaves no mess! Puppies won't leave wet paw tracks or shred pee pads. Best of all, no more doggie "accidents" in your home! You will love our indoor dog potty solution.

What is WizDog?

It's a patented indoor dog potty with a durable plastic pan and a fitted grate. Liquid waste goes through the grate onto newspaper or a dog pee pad, separate from your dog's paws! No more wet paw tracks throughout your house! Solid waste stays on top of the grate, so you never have to touch it. Just flip the grate, and it's gone! It works just like a dog litter box, but without any mess! Our indoor dog potty is great for puppies and adult dogs.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Yes, we are that confident you will LOVE your Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty!

You have nothing to lose... except the stress and worry about your dog's potty needs.

P.S. Even if you return the Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty you can keep the FREE e-book.

  • Free Dog Training eBook!

    Receive our downloadable ebook free with every Wizdog Dog Potty purchase.

    Wizdog Dog Training Digest
  • The ORIGINAL Dog Potty Solution

    Simple, Safe, Clean & Low-Cost. Wizdog Dog Potty is the best solution for your indoor dog potty needs.

    Wizdog Dog Potty
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